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Wild Chewzdog with shed antler

No Preservatives - No Additives

Every year deer, elk and moose naturally shed their antlers. Wild Chewz® brings this gift of nature to your dog with our 100% natural, healthy, and long lasting chews.

Elk AntlerWild Chewz® antlers are collected by hand from the forest floor, carefully inspected and cut to a variety of sizes. Our quick distribution process preserves their natural flavor and aroma. Your dog will go WILD for this fresh long lasting treat!

Wild Chewz® Antlers are available in different sizes. Check our size chart to find the perfect chew for your dog.

doggie party mixThe Wild Chewz® product line includes a variety of all natural, healthy chews — enough to satisfy any dog!

All products are 100% NATURAL, with no additives or preservatives. Products are backed with a full satisfaction guarantee. No animals are harmed in the collection of antlers.Shar Pei with Wild Chewz

Busy in Bend! We are updating our packaging and adding healthy new product choices for your dog. Please check back for updates!

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